Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week One

I started this week off with a full eating day of 2 baked eggs with cream and butter and 2 sausage links.

Since I am eating so little, I am taking care that the food I do eat is exceptionally good quality.  My eggs are pastured, my cream and butter comes from grass fed cows, and I enjoyed Isernio's sausage, a traditional, local and delicious product that does not add unnecessary crap to their food.

So today, I am back to fasting after two days of feasting.  I didn't go crazy eating over the long weekend, just a nice couple of meals on Sunday where I tested out the martini theory.  (Which btw, seems to work ok, if you can control how many martinis you drink.  I had two, and a terrible hangover on Monday, so remember:  a little goes a long way. )

My weight did fluctuate a little after eating and having the martinis, but not by much, I was still under my goal for the week, so yesterday, I had breakfast as described above, then a light lunch of 3 ham and cheese roll ups with mayonnaise.  Dinner was roast chicken with one of my favorite low carb higher fat vegetable dishes:  Just Like Stuffed Baked Potatoes.  No alcohol yesterday, just flavored sparkling water and coffee with cream:  Here is a breakdown of what I ate:

Here is pie chart for those who prefer visuals:

My set weight goal for this week is 212, so when I weighed in at 212.4 this morning  I could see that today was a fast day.  I am going to mostly drink water today, but I am starting my day off with coffee and cream.  As I get used to doing this, I want to adopt some of the advice on Marty Kendall's blog, Optimising Nutrition and make my meals not only very keto, but also as nutrition-conscious as possible.  According to the calculator he developed to measure the percentage of insulinogenic calories, my meals from yesterday were 16.7%  insulinogenic.  Here is a link to his calculator.
For my purposes, I think to begin with, aiming for 25% or less insulinogenic calories is a good place to begin.  So, for my meals yesterday I did well, although in the future I do want to include more vegetables and maybe a little less cheese...

Marty has a very well-written and thought out Manifesto, which I think is a great place to start when considering the optimal nutrition for weight loss.

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