Sunday, September 11, 2016

Seahawks won 12 to 10!

M and I go to our local pub to watch the Seahawks games during football season.  (Secret:  I think American football is kind of boring, and going to the pub makes it WAY more fun.)

Since I started the Keto Challenge, I have not had a lot of days where I was tempted by outside food.  It is easy to be compliant when you cook all your own food...

Today WAS a challenge though.  Everyone around us had fish and chips and nachos and onion rings.  Here is what I ate:

Appetizer:  Bacon wrapped shrimp
Martini (gin) with 3 olives
Main:  2 small Beef Sliders with cheddar and tomato served with lettuce and mayo (no buns)
1 glass Syrah

Thoughts?  It is a lot easier to eat well when the others with you are eating well also.  It is nice to have a drink out, but honestly it can lower your resistance to things like fish and chips and other traditional pub foods...

Best to eat and run when temptation rears its ugly head...However, I made it through unscathed, and the Seahawks won their first game of the season...Go Hawks!!  :)

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