Thursday, September 15, 2016

Downhill Fasting

I've lost 7 pounds!

Now, as I have mentioned several times, the number on the scale is not always a good indicator of much of anything, but it is a number that most of us tend to com back to time and time again...

If I was not also losing inches, I might not be as pleased with myself as I am today, but I am having success all around.  I feel good, I've jumped back into my successful fasting schedule from last year, and this week has been remarkably easy.  Of course anything would seem easy after a 7 day fast.  :)

Here is a breakdown of my average daily macros:

I am doing really well with the carb and fat limits, and though my protein is a little low, it isn't unreasonable.  I have had a pretty inactive week.  I think I am averaging less than four miles a day with my walking this week because my ankle was bothering me for a few days.  It is better now though! :)

So today is my second 42 hour fast this week.  I had coffee with a little cream and two cups of bone broth yesterday, and today has been two cups of coffee and water.  When I get off work, I will be heading to the store for something to make for dinner--I am thinking chicken Caesar salad with avocado and Parmesan cheese and maybe a nice bottle of red wine!   :) YUM

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