Monday, April 25, 2016

Fat Fasting versus Regular Fasting

Ever since my accident I have been off the long fasts due to the need for a little extra protein while healing, and the fact that emotionally I was a mess for awhile which meant cravings and a lot of comfort food. (Very depressed).

 However, I started doing three 24 hour fasts a week about a month ago to ease myself back into my fasting schedule. The 24 hour fasts don't do much for me. I can maintain really well with that, but not lose any weight. Megan suggested that I start back on longer fasts this past week--it is over 12 weeks since my accident so most of the healing is over, and fasting here and there shouldn't cause problems. So I tried to jump back in with two 36 hour fasts last week. I was starving!

 I generally love fasting because I do not get that hungry, and can easily make it through the periods when I am hungry. This time was different. I was hungry all the time and could not get a handle on it. So, at our last IDM check-in I asked Megan if they had had anyone try fat fasting instead of traditional fasting. Fat fasting is when you eat a diet consisting of primarily high fat, very low carb foods. Fat fasting kick-starts your body into ketosis, which is the state that you want to be in to burn fat for fuel. When you are keto-adapted (which can take weeks) you tend to not be hungry, and to burn primarily fat for fuel.

 Megan said that they have had several patents using and responding well to the fat fast. She said to have keto coffee (with butter, coconut oil, and heavy cream), avocados and bacon. She also recommended bone broth for my continued healing. So this morning, I am back to my keto coffee. I don't like coconut oil in my coffee, so I just ate a tsp of it separately. It doesn't taste too bad on its own. I will move up to 1 T. later this week, but 1 tsp is a good place to start. I will have it several times throughout the day. So this week, I will be eating lots of bacon and avocado which I love, and hopefully in a couple of weeks, going back to my fasting schedule will be much easier...